Baby Hazel Bed Time

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Baby Hazel Bed Time
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Welcome to the Baby Hazel Bed Time game. It's almost bedtime for Baby Hazel. Can you help her get ready for this online simulation game? In this Baby Hazel Bed Time, game you get a chance to help Baby Hazel in her bedtime activities. The first thing before sleeping is hygiene care. Brush her teeth and give her a shower. Then you need to make a bed for her. Finally, tell her favorite story till she goes to sleep. Baby Hazel may wake up in the middle of her sleep. Be with her and soothe her with lullabies, loving touches, and kisses.  

This game is about Baby Hazel's routine. It can provide you with an opportunity to create your own world. This game is Entertainment for little kids and keeps them engaged. Its a friendly baby game. This game captures the bedtime routine of babies/kids.

In level one, It is bedtime!! Moon has appeared and stars are shining in the sky. Our loveable Baby Hazel is also sleepy. Get Baby Hazel ready for her bedtime by brushing her teeth, bathing, and then dress her with a favorite.

In level two, It was fun bathing Baby Hazel. Now let us make the bed ready. Spread the bedsheet and place bumpers, blankets, and pillows in place.

In the third level, our little princess wants to listen to bedtime stories. Tell a story of her choice. Be careful while she listens to the story, she may get scared. She needs lovable touches and lullabies at that time. 

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