Play Bobby Jump Game

Bobby Jump is a platform game in Retro style, very fun and challenging, challenge yourself in this game made in Pixel art with 16-bit graphics.

You must also be careful to not fall into the traps. The most common trap you will encounter are the spikes, they are very dangerous. You need to avoid them at all costs to not fail the level instantly. The other obstacle you may encounter is the breaking blocks, if you step on them they will break and make you vulnerable to spikes.

Your character is on a constant run, you must time your jumps correctly to not fail the level. Your character can also bounce off of walls and platforms. The platforms are difficulties you need to overcome to get your hands on the key, you usually need to jump on them and also time your jumps correctly to not fall into the spikes.

Enjoy this awesome Jeep Driver game for kids and have a wonderful time with our cute games. Have fun!

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