Bullet Blender

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Bullet Blender
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Welcome to Bullet Blender, In this unique experience, you become a bullet. You are in control of its movement. Once the gun fires at the targets you move it left and right, and up and down.

Watch out for obstacles that get in your path! Guide the silver bullet or other upgradable items to the correct destination that causes maximum damage..! Before you put your finger on the trigger and shoot.

In This Paragraph, how many enemies can you down in one shot..! Take control! Be one with the bulletin this action-packed puzzler. In this unique experience, you become a bullet.

Do you have the coordination, the dexterity, and the smarts to get past each level? Can you stop the bad guys and take them all down with one shot? Are you the one?

Firstly, but addicting mechanics The bullet fires and then you take control of this first-person shooter experience. Move it around in midair until it reaches its destination.

Secondly, Amazing Physics Total control is at your fingertips. Watch enemies fly in ragdoll fashion as you hit the barrels of explosives.

Enjoy this awesome Bullet Blender game for kids and have a wonderful time with our cute games. Have fun!

Create your best score and make others beat your score. Don’t forget to post them in your comments here or share them with your friends on social media.

Watch our Bullet Blender at https://youtu.be/MW7u3ASVNrw

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