Play Crazy Car Stunts Game

Drive your car and perform all the crazy stunts using various ramps on the maps.

This is an amazing 3D car exploration game! You can drive across the city, find different cars, do incredible stunts, and enjoy the beautiful views. There are plenty of ramps that you can use to show your amazing stunt skills

Web browser stunt games put you firmly in control of the vehicle. They allow you to drive like a maniac and try out some fantastic moves. There is a range of different stunt games, all with a slight different twist on the genre. Some stunt games let you drive in an open world and simply test out various vehicles and tracks.

Other stunt games add elements of racing and allow you to practice your tricks whilst competing against others.

Enjoy this awesome Crazy Car game for kids and have a wonderful time with our cute games. Have fun!

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Crazy Car Stunts Walkthrough