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Fire Balls is an extraordinary game that is different from other ball games. In Fire Balls 3D, your goal is to destroy towers from different geometric shapes with fireballs. Use Mouse to Controls. This is a single tap arcade game and where users navigate different planes and courses trying to avoid moving obstacles. You need speed and attention

Players press down to fire and their ball forward into a spinning track. Trying to avoid the obstacles that are present on that track. The player fires the ball onto a track. Then tasked with keeping it afloat and making sure to avoid tricky obstacles.

Before running out of all of your balls you try to achieve the highest score possible . Level up and advance through each stage . As you blast through all of the blocks using your fireballs and crashing some towers then you can get some cute pets. you can collect them as many as you can.

Fireball's game features are Easy to play. you can shoot balls towards towers and crash stacks and there are a lot of colorful scenes that keep you from getting bored. Fireballs have infinite levels and a lot of fun.

Fire Balls 3D is a simple, enjoyable game aimed to allow children to relax. While playing encouraging them to try different angles in order to see which yields the most success.

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Controls Mouse