Flowers Blocks Collapse

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Flowers Blocks Collapse
Play Flowers Blocks Collapse Game

Flowers Blocks Collapse is an endless block collapse game with challenging game-play and exciting power-ups.

Flowers invariably delight the eye, wherever they are: they were standing in a vase as a bouquet or fragrant in flower beds or in gardens.

But in the case of the game Flowers Blocks Collapse, you will have to fight with the flower army, no matter how beautiful its warriors may seem to you. Flower blocks are going to fill the playing field to the top, and your task is to prevent this. Blocks appear at the bottom in the form of horizontal stripes, and you must quickly find groups of two or more identical colors and, by clicking on them, delete. On the right, the panel will constantly display the course of the game and the transition through the levels.

At a time, you can collapse a minimum of 2 similar blocks that are connected to each other; horizontally or vertically. Bigger groups give higher scores. Don't let any column reach the top.

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