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Laserbots is an isometric 3rd person shooter where you play as a virtual robot in a virtual arena.

Fight against other players in the PvP deathmatch mode or defend the base from the horde in the co-operative zombies mode.

Up to 4 players on the same team all working together to protect the base from zombies. Killing a zombie will give you a point, which you can spend on deploying towers.

Zombies will damage anything nearby when they die, so don’t let them get too close. Each wave will get harder and if your base takes 5 hits, you will lose.

You can deploy towers that will automatically shoot nearby enemies for you. Towers are free to pick up in deathmatch mode but cost 5 points to pick up in zombies mode. After you’ve picked up a tower, move to a good spot then press the shoot button to deploy it.

This game mode can get pretty tough, I’d suggest using towers… lots of them.

Enjoy this awesome Laserbots game for kids and have a wonderful time with our cute games. Have fun!

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