Play Patrick invaders Game

Patrick invaders have invaded your underwater planet and their only target is you! All of them are shooting at you repeatedly and you need to avoid them!

Otherwise, you will not be able to buy and complete the game!
In the game, you can also kill them and get rid of possible bullets. You can shoot using your keyboard and avoid bullets by moving left and right. Since these weapons are state-of-the-art, even one will be enough to kill you!

Kill all Patrick invaders and protect yourself in this game. Show everyone that you are a good soldier to fight in a war!
Good luck.

Cut out green felt paper in the shape of a four-leaf clover. Then cut down the middle of it to make it look like a puzzle piece, and have the kids try to put them together.

Enjoy this awesome Patrick invaders game for kids and have a wonderful time with our cute games. Have fun!

Create your best score and make others beat your score. Don’t forget to post them in your comments here or share them with your friends on social media.

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