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Christamas Jigsaw Puzzle

Step into a winter wonderland and experience the joyous thrill of the season in “Christmas Hidden Bauble”! Get ready for a festive journey through 15 enchanting levels, each brimming with holiday magic and hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Your task is simple yet exhilarating: uncover 10 elusive baubles cleverly concealed within each scene. Explore a variety of picturesque landscapes, from ancient ruins to bustling cityscapes, each offering a unique challenge and a trove of hidden treasures to unveil. Challenge your keen eye and attention to detail as you explore each level. Uncover baubles cleverly concealed amidst the festive decorations, cozy corners, and merry settings. Can you find them all before time runs out?

How to play Christamas Jigsaw Puzzle

Tap or click on the bubbles to pop them


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