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Market Boss

Market Boss is a casual simulation game where you manage a supermarket. Keep the shelves stocked and expand your retail business!. Use the inventory from the stock room to continuously replenish your shelves for customers. Grow your store with new merchandise and sections featuring brand new goods. Candy, drinks, fresh produce, and more are all available.

The purpose of Market Boss is to give users a fun and engaging experience that challenges them to think strategically and make sound business decisions. With its vibrant graphics, uplifting music, and addictive gameplay, it offers a fun simulation of what it's like to run a real-life market.

How to play Market Boss

  1. Start the game and select a difficulty level:

    Market Boss offers different difficulty levels for players to choose from. Select the one that suits your experience and skill level.

  2. Build your supermarket:

    You will be given an empty lot to start building your supermarket. Add shelves, refrigerators, checkouts, and other necessary items to your store to attract customers.

  3. Hire staff:

    As your supermarket grows, you'll need more staff to keep it running smoothly. Hire employees such as cashiers, stockers, and janitors to help manage your store.

  4. Expand your business:

    As your supermarket becomes more successful, you can expand your business by opening new stores in different locations.

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